Friday, July 20, 2007

Fantasia opening night footage online (Tekkon Kinkreet CDN Premiere w. Michael Arias)!

Fantasia is trying something new this year. We're video blogging! Well, sort of. Actually, we've assembled a video crew to shoot various nights at the fest in order to preserve some of the more exciting moments that go down with visiting filmmakers and fans. If you've never journeyed to Montreal for the fest (you lazy sod!), these clips will give you a taste of what's been happening. If you're a fan of the filmmaker, feel free to save the files for your enjoyment. The first video "thing" we're giving you is from our opening night, Thurs July 7 2007. We launched with the Canadian premiere of Michael Arias' extraordinary animated feature TEKKON KINKREET. Arias was in town for the screening and held an extensive - even by Fantasia standards - Q&A with the audience.

Dig some highlights at !